Total ranking: 31.6
Reach: 24
News quality: 3.8
Engagement: 3.8
This site, part of a national network of aggregators, provides well-written summaries of a variety of news (from the “serious to the silly”). The site welcomes tips, and editors engage with readers.

Total ranking: 27.5
Reach: 21
News quality: 3.3
Engagement: 3.2
The flagship site of the national hyperlocal news aggregator allows visitors to create their own aggregated view of content from their neighborhood by zip code, ward name or neighborhood name. The community message boards appear to help neighbors sort out particular issues. Reviewers praised the site’s responsiveness on Twitter, where they retweet their followers’ content and respond to readers. The site also promotes offline community events by encouraging neighbors to get together for dinner.

Total score: 27.3
Reach: 22
News quality: 2.9
Engagement: 2.4
This site combines aggregation and original reporting, promoting a hyperlocal news site for Latinos organized by neighborhood. Coverage seemed sparse and dated to our reviewers, although reviewers praised Estelle Walgreen’s opinion pieces. Engagement with readers seems limited, though they share content from other sites via their Twitter feed.

Total score: 27.2
Reach: 19
News quality: 4.1
Engagement: 4.1
This site combines aggregation of local news with original content on a variety of subjects from citizen journalists and bloggers. The site seeks feedback on stories and responds to comments from its engaged audience.

Total score: 23.1
Reach: 18
News quality: 2.7
Engagement: 2.4
This site aggregates basic police blotter news by neighborhood, focusing on the North Side, with anonymous, often snarky, commentary. The site features pictures and some video from other sites. The comments are provocative, drawn by a blogger who is prone to obscenities and name-calling.

Total score: 21.7
Reach: 14
News quality: 4.2
Engagement: 3.5
The Chicago edition of this online newspaper aggregates local news and features a crew of local bloggers. It’s hard, when following certain items, to get back to the Chicago site once you leave it. The site features an active commenting community. Editors’ contact information was hard for reviewers to find.

Total score: 21.1
Reach: 13
News quality: 4.5
Engagement: 3.6
This site aggregates content from other New Communities Program sites, produced by LISC Chicago freelancers or community organizations. Reviewers praised the site’s high quality writing and reporting. While it’s easy to share content, there are few comments.

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